Our Cats

Our Queens

Gentlepurrs Dixie Darlin

AKA Della, is a beautiful blue mink classic tabby and white girl. She has a wonderful coat, and a sweet disposition. She is such a good mommy, too. And a striking classic pattern.

Our Stud

Ch SantaCats Rivers-of-Faith

Rivers is a natural mink classic and white with a purrfect muffin face, super soft non matting coat. He has sired some beautiful kittens and is the fun dad that plays and all with the babies.

Serendippity’s Love You A Latte

Latte is a sweet girl with HUGE eyes and a big heart. She is a wonderful mommy, and Still likes to play. She is a sable and white.



All six kittens are doing well
there are 6 healthy babies born Friday, July 17. @ females and 4 males. Two blue minks, two (possible sables), and two natural minks.